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Politicising future NATO membership

Despite an apparent consensus about Bosnia and Herzegovina’s future membership in NATO, the political dynamics of the Republika Srpska augurs both caution and reserve.

Missing out on Europe

The Croatian prime minister’s resignation is a symptom of fading hopes for EU membership in the western Balkans.

Precarious Preševo

The second serious incident in the space of a week in the Preševo Valley region of southern Serbia has re-enforced the need for ethnic Albanian politicians to strengthen their involvement in the work of the Coordination Body for the Municipalities of Preševo, Bujanovac and Medvedja

Simmering tensions in the South

A grenade attack on the Gendarmerie near Bujanovac, in southern Serbia, has exposed the fragility of the region and the need for tangible steps to improve relations between the security infrastructure and the various local communities.

Walking the Kosovo tightrope

With Kosovo’s status under debate, the EU’s rule-of-law mission must remain neutral if it is to ensure stability in the region.

Indexing peace

Whilst the Global Peace Index for 2009 shows that the world has become slightly less peaceful in the past year, each respective country of the Western Balkans has enjoyed a marked improvement compared to 2008.