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Montenegro – on its way towards the EU and NATO

Whilst Montenegro continues to make visible progress towards achieving its key foreign policy priorities, further steps are required to ensure that its internal reform processes maintain a similar pace

Republika Srpska – after independence

Republika Srpska – after independence

Bosnia’s war ended with a partition plan, which the international community subsequently used all its efforts to undermine and create a unified state. Now the west’s power in the country has receded, the natural logic of the Dayton Peace Accords has reemerged, and the country is likely to break apart. This article suggests that now the international community’s best response to the imminent Bosnian fracture may be to reluctantly accept it.

Kosovo – what is to be done?

With the International Court of Justice’s verdict on the legality of Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence likely to be tilted in Serbia’s favour, possible elements of a future negotiation scenario, centred upon an Ahtisaari-plus approach, can already be discerned.