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Kosovo – the ICJ speaks

The International Court of Justice’s ruling has found Kosovo’s declaration of independence to be neither legal nor illegal, but that international law contains no applicable prohibition of such declarations.

Kosovo – “a struggle over who gets the north”

An interview with Gerard Gallucci, the former UN Regional Representative in Mitrovica, in which he discusses the impending International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling on the legality of Kosovo’s declaration of independence and its implications for the future of the disputed territory, particularly the north of Kosovo.

Kosovo – the European Parliament's resolute message

Though most coverage focused upon its call for the remaining five EU member states to recognize Kosovo’s independence, the European Parliament’s resolution highlights a number of important areas of reform where further progress is urgently required.

Energy security and ethnic conflict – challenges in the Western Balkans

Energy security and stability in the Western Balkans faces two major challenges – the perception and implication of Russia’s presence in Serbia, plus the enduring crisis of Kosovo’s status.

Kosovo – is the United States inciting violence in the North?

Tacit and explicit US support for Pristina’s unilateral approach to the north of Kosovo has fueled an already volatile situation, contributing to an increase in tensions and acts of provocation that threaten further violent confrontations similar to that of July 2nd.

The Greek-Macedonian name dispute – good-neighbourly relations?

Greece’s continued violation of bilateral and international agreements with respect to Macedonia calls into question its commitment, and that of the international community, to good-neighbourly relations in the Western Balkans.

Greek tragedy threatens Western Balkan stability

For the Western Balkans, the global financial crisis has exposed a plethora shortcomings in its transition to free market economics and resolution of outstanding disputes.