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The future of Dayton’s Bosnia – justice must meet peace

Bosnia and Herzegovina must amend its constitution in order to comply with the ruling of European Court of Human Rights, which aims to ensure equal treatment for all.

Not my turn to die

Not my turn to die

This excerpt is taken from chapter four of ‘Not My Turn to Die: Memoirs of a Broken Childhood in Bosnia’, by Savo Heleta. The book offers unique insights into the conflict in Bosnia and Herzergovina, based upon the author’s own first-hand experiences in war-time Gorazde.

Serbia – when will the “culture of violence” finally end?

Insufficient steps to tackle the problems that led to the recent violence in Belgrade and Genoa highlights the tangled nexus of organized crime, political opposition to modernization and EU membership, and football hooliganism in Serbia.

Bosnia must "cease being a protectorate"

An interview with Ian Bancroft, the co-founder of TransConflict, on the recent elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the role of the international community and the prospects for reform in the face of prevailing ethnic divisions.

Bosnia – the unfortunate case of Dragomir Andan

Bosnia – the unfortunate case of Dragomir Andan

The case of Dragomir Andan – who was, until recently, on hunger strike outside the OHR’s regional office in Banja Luka, in protest against his dismissal three years ago – demonstrates the extent to which the OHR has subverted the rule of law in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our peoples? My identities

This documentary, entitled ‘Naši Narodi? Moji Identiteti: Four Youth Perspectives on National Identity in Post-Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina’, explores the perspectives of four young people – Mirza, Leila, Lana and Dejan – on the issue of national identity in the post-war context.

Serbia – a decade of missed opportunities?

A decade on from the overthrow of president Slobodan Milošević’s regime, Serbia is still struggling to contend with the negative legacies of the nineties.

Bosnia decides that very little changes

Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina will once again be decided on the basis of divisive nationalist positioning, not future policy and prospects; ensuring that delay, deadlock and deflecting attention from the real issues will continue to characterise politics throughout the country.