April 2011

Serbia – minority rights and national minority councils

TransConflict Serbia is pleased to announce the results of a survey, entitled 'Minority Rights and National Minority Councils', conducted as part of our project, ‘Promoting and strengthening the role of the Albanian and Bosniak National Minority Councils (NMCs)’, which is supported by the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Kosovo – is the EU turning status neutral?

After seeking since 2008 to support the imposition of Pristina's rule in north Kosovo, the EU may now be shifting to a more status-neutral approach. The devil will be in the details and much will depend on whether the US goes along.

Kosovo – da li EU postaje statusno neutralna?

Nakon što je od 2008. godine nastojala da podrže nametanje vladavine Prištine na severu Kosova, Evropska unija bi sada mogla da pređe ka više statusno neutralnom pristupu. Mnogo toga će ponovo zavisiti od detalja, kao i od toga da li će SAD ići u istom pravcu.

Perspectives on the Bosniak National Minority Council

As part of TransConflict Serbia's project, ‘Promoting and strengthening the role of the Albanian and Bosniak National Minority Councils (NMCs)’, Mirjana Kosić, executive director of TransConflict Serbia, visited Novi Pazar and met with representatives of the three respective Bosniak lists.

The Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina faces "inevitable collapse"

An interview with Matthew Parish, the former Chief Legal Adviser to the International Supervisor of Brčko, on the current political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the challenges surrounding government formation and the Republika Srpska's proposed referendum on the Court and Prosecutor’s Office.

Bosnia – not your father’s Sporazum

The current politics of “2 against 1” reflect the failure that is Bosnia and the danger that a Dayton arrangement acceptable to none of the country’s players - except maybe for Dodik - could provoke challenges even more unexpected and indelible than those so far evident.

The love triangle – Serbia, Kosovo and the EU

The next elections will determine whether Serbia chooses the 'European perspective' or the so-called 'Kosovo path'; whether it will continue to uphold its territorial integrity or seek to amend its constitution in order to join the EU.

Will the US stop digging its Kosovo hole?

The current talks between Belgrade and Pristina may provide the US with an opportunity to shift away from a policy that has become dependent upon giving full backing to Kosovo's prime minister, Hashim Thaci, regardless of the accusations made against him.
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