June 2011

Novi Pazar's cultural wealth and versatility

Novi Pazar's entrepreneurship, combined with its traditional cultural and historical wealth, provide assets that should be capitalized on by both Serbs and Bosniaks, regardless of their political or ethno-religious differences, for the city to move forward and flourish as it did in the nineties.

Kosovo – the northern reality

Impressions from a recent visit to north Kosovo confirm that, in spite of improvements in movement across the River Ibar, it remains a potential crisis point that both the government and internationals in Pristina have contributed to rather then helping alleviate.

A response to the Minister for Kosovo

Reverend Donald Reeves MBE responds to a recent statement by Serbia's Minister for Kosovo and Metohija, Goran Bogdanovic, and reiterates the need to initiate a sustainable peace building process in Kosovo centered around the monasteries of Pec and Decani.

The perpetual theatre of Kosovo

'Teatro Stabile del Kosovo' - The Perpetual Theatre of Kosovo - is filmed, directed and edited by award-winning Italian reporter, Roberto Valussi, who travelled extensively throughout Kosovo for more than a year during its making.

The silent passing of Bosnian proconsulship

By lifting the OHR's remaining bans, Valentin Inzko has quietly conceded that the OHR no longer has the moral authority to dismiss people from public office or to punish them by international decree, thereby marking a profound change in the international community's attitudes towards Bosnia and Herzegovina.

New Serbia, new NATO

TransConflict Serbia is pleased to present the contribution of Ambassador Lawrence Rossin, NATO’s Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Operations, to the conference “New Serbia, new NATO – Future Vision for the 21st Century”, which took place in Belgrade in December 2010.

Serbia offers a Kosovo smorgasbord

Eager to ensure that Kosovo does not inhibit its EU membership aspirations, the Serbian government - facing elections next year - has recently offered a veritable smorgasbord of possibilities for reaching a “historical” compromise.

Srbija nudi kosovski švedski sto

S željom da osigura da Kosovo neće inhibirati njene aspiracije ka članstvu u EU, srpska vlada - koju naredne godine očekuju izbori - nedavno je ponudila pravi švedski sto mogućnosti za ostvarivanje 'istorijskog' kompromisa.

Emerging from the margins

Constructing creative and useful approaches to both former Ottoman peripheries - the Balkans and the Middle East - requires shedding tattered notions of Western “leadership” and recognizing opportunities inherent in the acknowledgement of one’s own limits.
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