New members of the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation

In the past month, TransConflict has been pleased to welcome a host of new members of the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation, which works to uphold and implement the Principles of Conflict Transformation.

These new members from a variety of countries are:

  • Belfast Interface ProjectNorthern Ireland – is a membership organisation committed to informing and creating effective regeneration strategies in Belfast’s interface areas, in order to ensure that they are free of tension, intimidation and violence both within and between communities;
  • EPOS International Mediating and Negotiating Operational AgencyItaly – aims to contribute to the creation of stability in conflict areas, maintain stability in stable areas, in those at risk and those which have recently reached stability;
  • Research and Documentation Centre SarajevoBosnia and Herzegovina – established with the aim to collect documents and establish facts about the war and war atrocities in Bosnia and Herzegovina during 1992-1995;
  • Youth Resource Centre (ORC) TuzlaBosnia and Herzegovina – works to empower and strengthen youth organizations and informal youth groups, especially in small communities, in the belief that believes youngsters possess the power to prevent possible future conflicts;
  • Peace Academy FoundationBosnia and Herzegovina – sees peacebuilding as increasing the capacities of people and institutions to manage diversities through conflict transformation, and avoiding structural violence by investigating and analyzing the causes of war, opening perspectives and (re)establishing interrupted and destroyed relationships among people, and between ethnic groups, of the former-Yugoslavia.
  • Syri i VizionitKosovo – aims to promote local democracy and the participation of people in Kosovo. In its continuous efforts for democratic practices, Syri i Vizionit gave a special role to promotion of good governance, accountability, transparency and public participation in decision-making.
  • JumpSerbia – provides young people with an opportunity to get actively involved in developing their own community. Jump’s strategy is based upon upholding human rights, peacebuilding, environmental protection and increasing mobility.
  • Association of War Affected WomenSri Lanka – was established in 2000 to create space for war affected women specifically mothers and wives of servicemen missing in action, and of those who are missing, to come together across the divide to work for peace;
  • Initiative for Political and Conflict TransformationSri Lanka – aims is to contribute to a process of political and conflict transformation in Sri Lanka. INPACT’s work focuses on addressing the grievances and symptoms of dissatisfaction felt by groups of people who believe that their interests and rights as groups or individuals are not being guaranteed;
  • United For Peace Against Conflict InternationalIvory Coast – contributes to peacebuilding, peacemaking and peacekeeping activities, teaching about the causes and consequences of conflict and proposing practical transformative measures in order to enhance the adoption – and practice – of culture of peace and non-violence;
  • The Populace Foundation – UgandaUganda – promotes reconciliation and peace-building amongst conflict-affected communities in North and North-Eastern Uganda.

For a complete list of members of the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation, please click here. If you are interested in applying to join the Global Coalition, then please click here.

If you are interested in supporting conflict transformation projects and trainings through the Global Coalition, then you can make a secure donation on-line through the BigGive by clicking here!



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