June 2012

Draw Down the Walls

'Draw Down the Walls' is a cross-community project which uses art to engage people in interface communities to imagine what Belfast could be like without barriers, whether they are physical or not.

Using history as a weapon in Yugoslavia

References to often manipulated views of history were designed to create a sense of unity within particular ethnic groups and, at the same time, to present modern day political opponents as long-standing ‘enemies from the past’.

New countries, new views on Tito

Thirty two years after his death, the cult of personality built around Josip Broz Tito in history teaching across the old Yugoslavia has been replaced with narrower, nationalistic interpretations.

Economic interdependence in Cyprus

A study of economic interdependence and its future prospects in Cyprus demonstrates the importance of economic ties in transforming conflict, and reveals an important number of lessons for other divided and disputed territories.

Kosovo – UNMIK refuses Quint gambit

An UNMIK presence in north Mitrovica - and the other three Serb-majority municipalities in the north - is required under UNSCR 1244 and remains the only available means to peacefully preserve the integrity of Kosovo's boundaries as recognized by 1244.

Global Conflict Transformation Fund

TransConflict is working to establish a Global Conflict Transformation Fund that will provide vital funding for the conflict transformation and peacebuilding activities of members of the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation.

UN ‘list of shame’ cites school attacks

TransConflict, as an affiliate of the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA), hereby presents a demand that the UN Security Council take action against armed forces and groups who attack schools and teachers.

The Peacebuilders’ Panel

TransConflict is pleased to announce the launch of the Peacebuilders’ Panel, which is designed to stimulate debate about peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

Kosovo – the end of UNSCR 1244?

It is increasingly clear that those working under a UN Security Council mandate for peacekeeping are abandoning that very mandate in order to enforce a "solution" favourable to one side alone.

Another Bosnia and Herzegovina is possible

Following Dusan Babić's assertion that real politics are the only politics that truly matter, Jasmin Mujanović makes the case for why democratic participation can provide a way out from the kleptocracy of ethno-chauvinism and “international administration.”

Bosnia – only real politics matters

In response to Jasmin Mujanović's article, "Jim Crow in Bosnia and Herzegovina", which called for "a genuine popular mobilization”, Dusan Babic argues that real politics are the only politics that truly matter.

Kosovo – time to change the paradigm

With the Quint peacekeepers - KFOR and EULEX - employing force to impose a one-sided regime, the peacekeeping phase has now reached its end and it is time to impose a settlement that clears the way for real peace.

The battle for Mostar

A solution to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s other problems will be difficult to achieve without first securing an agreement between Croats and Bosniaks concerning the town of Mostar, where October's scheduled local elections are to be delayed.

Jim Crow in Bosnia and Herzegovina

As part of an on-going debate over reconciliation and reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jasmin Mujanović argues that only a genuine popular mobilization can reverse the trends that have effectively excluded citizens from the practice of politics.

Genocide (2)

With Serbia's new president, Tomislav Nikolic, taking advantage of the accelerating debasement of the word “genocide”, the US and EU should make it clear that Belgrade’s treatment of Srebrenica is a red line.

Bosnia – I have a dream too

TransConflict hereby presents a response to Jasmin Mujanović's article, "A new narrative – why a ‘Bosnian Spring’ is Bosnia’s only hope", calling for a process of reconciliation and steps to foster a spirit of tolerance.
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