Global Conflict Transformation Fund

TransConflict is working to establish a Global Conflict Transformation Fund that will provide vital funding for the conflict transformation and peacebuilding activities of members of the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation.


A recent paper by the Berghof Foundation noted that conflict transformation organizations face a number of particular fundraising dilemmas and challenges:

  • “conflict transformation, if it aspires to be inclusive, often involves working with actors who are publicly stigmatised, such as proscribed groups.”
  • “the impact of conflict transformation is notoriously hard to measure, because conflict situations are highly complex and follow a non-linear and long-term timeframe. Very few funders are prepared to invest in areas with uncertain outcomes in the shorter term.”
  • “conflict transformation requires experience, cultural sensitivity and a good network to access the relevant actors. More importantly, it also requires persistence, persuasion and the strength to cope with regular setbacks.”



To overcome some of the obstacles, TransConflict is looking to establish a Global Conflict Transformation Fund that will:

  • Provide seed and matching funding for projects implemented by members of the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation and their partners;
  • Support the establishment of country-wide and regional networks of the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation – for instance, an Eastern Africa and Western Balkan Network;
  • Enable twinning, learning exchanges and mentoring between organizations in order to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practice;
  • Sponsor research – both academic and policy-oriented – into key areas of conflict transformation and peacebuilding;
  • Provide trainings to members of the GCCT and their partners, thereby strengthening their capacity for conflict transformation and peacebuilding work;
  • Disseminate educational material on conflict transformation for a variety of actors, particularly governments and international organizations.


How to Contribute?

You can contribute to the Global Conflict Transformation Fund in a variety of simple ways!


Other Ways to Support!

In addition, TransConflict offers a variety of other means through which you can support the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation!

For further information about the Global Conflict Transformation Fund – or to share ideas on how to build the Fund itself – please contact Ian Bancroft by clicking here.




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