October 2012

Afghanistan – I want to study, so shoot me

By denying women many of their most basic human rights and fundamental freedoms, the Taliban regime in Afghanistan was the proverbial death-knell for progressive lifestyles of women in the country; as the shocking case of Malala Yousufzai demonstrates in the starkest possible manner.

Building an inclusive peace process in the Basque Country

It is time for the local, regional and state-wide political leadership to recognise the maturity of local civil society and afford it a lead-role in the resolution of the Basque conflict and all aspects that surround it - such as the issue of prisoners, the victims of terrorism, political legitimacy and even the right to repentance.

Kosovo – time for reconciliation

TransConflict is pleased to present a report, published as part of the project 'Mediation through Monasteries in Kosovo', which calls for the establishment of a Community Relations Council to strengthen relations between Peć/Pejë municipality and the Patriarchate.

Resolving the Basque conflict

The Spanish government should immediately establish contacts with ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna); not because it owes ETA anything, but because Basque society wants the irreversibility of the end of violence to be guaranteed through the disarmament and dismantling of ETA’s structures.

Kosovo – the EU’s many voices

The EU's policies in the Western Balkans - particularly vis-a-vis Kosovo - threaten to undermine its credibility as an international actor and raise profound questions about the very future of its burgeoning Common Foreign and Security Policy.

Budapest backwards

TransConflict is pleased to present a short-film - entitled 'Budapest backwards', by Jeroen Sebrechts - winner of the prize for 'Best Film' at the third Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival, which recently took place in Tirana, Albania.
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