The ninth GCCT newsletter

TransConflict is pleased to present the ninth Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation (GCCT) newsletter, showcasing the work of the GCCT and its members.

TransConflict is pleased to present the ninth bi-monthly newsletter, which provides a host of insights into the work of the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation (GCCT) and its members. The main purpose of this newsletter is to a) share information about the work of the GCCT and its members to a wider audience, and b) to strengthen co-operation and co-ordination between GCCT members themselves and with other interested parties.

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1) New members of the GCCT

a) Mobaderoon Network (Syria)

Aims to promote peaceful coexistence through dialogue and understanding at global, regional and local levels.  Read on…

b) Go Group Media (Georgia)

Sees its mission as contributing to transformation of the conflicts in Georgia and broader South Caucasus by enhancing the quality of media and citizen journalism throughout the region.  Read on…

c) Journeying Through Conflict

Makes accessible to anyone with a smart device anywhere in the world the experience of others who have lived through violent conflict or are working with its legacy and seeking creatively to transform that violence or its legacy.  Read on…

d) Institute for Social and Political Research

A politically independent centre for advancing and developing expertise in the field of state organisation and governance.  Read on…

e) Peace Point Action

Non-governmental, service-oriented organization founded in 2005 to address the needs of vulnerable communities in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria targeting the children, youth and women on issues of environmental justice, good governance, HIV and AIDS prevention, health and gender. Read on…

2) GCCT Members in Focus

Inside Out from Northern Ireland

TransConflict is pleased to showcase the work of Inside Out from Northern Ireland, a member of the Global Coalition for Conflict TransformationRead on…

3) GCCT Insight and Analysis

4) GCCT Activities, Research and Requests

The Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation – An Update

TransConflict is pleased to provide an update on the work of the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation (GCCT), which is comprised of organizations committed to upholding and implementing the Principles of Conflict Transformation. Read on…

International Peace and Development Training Center (IPDTC) training courses

TransConflict is pleased to present information about new training courses offered by the International Peace and Development Training Center (IPDTC), which was established by the Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR), a member of the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation (GCCT). Read on…

5) GCCT Advocacy

Safe soldiers for a safe Armenia

Peace Dialogue, a member of the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation, is implementing a two-year project, ‘Safe Soldiers for a Safe Armenia’, which aims to prevent human rights violations in the armed forces and to increase not only the security of Armenia but the security of the soldiers protecting it. Read on…

What are the principles of conflict transformation?



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