Information and Intelligence Cooperation in Multifunctional International Operations (IIC)

Information and Intelligence Cooperation in Multifunctional International Operations (IIC)

TransConflict is pleased to recommend the following course, entitled ‘Information and Intelligence Cooperation in Multifunctional International Operations (IIC)’.

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Participants in the course will learn how to improve communication and cooperation between the wide spectrum of mission area actors.

They will also learn how information and intelligence is essential to all governmental and non-governmental actors, for increasing both mission security and operational effectiveness. The participants will develop their understanding of different actors’ respective information needs and the caveats necessary for enhanced cooperation and coordination. Collection of information through the building of human networks, and the use of internet-based open source data mining techniques, will form the primary, practical, skills-based training modules within the course. These modules can be built on guided by the needs and special conditions of participants.

Examples of course subjects:

  • Information and knowledge cooperation
  • Open source collection and analysis tools
  • Building human networks
  • Data security awareness
  • Communications security awareness
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Intelligence processes and management

Learning objectives

The aim of the course is to develop and improve cooperation, and sharing of information and intelligence, in multifunctional mission environments. Key to achieving this is equipping senior officers and professionals with the knowledge and skills to understand the nature of information/intelligence and to build functioning networks and systems for collection, analysis and dissemination of information.

Target group

25 participants with relevant work experience, preferably from international missions. Participants should either already work in a related field or be designated for such work in the future. The course is for participants from governmental and non-governmental organizations, business communities, police and military organizations.

Participants will be required to bring a laptop, to be able to participate fully in the practical sessions.

  • Organizer – FBA.
  • Course/Activity fee – 12 500 SEK including 25 per cent VAT. The fee covers full board and accommodation. Costs for travel will be at the expense of the participant.


Apply here.

Be sure to fill in all mandatory fields and enter the information in the requested format (applies to dates, email addresses and telephone numbers). If you are not redirected to a confirmation page after clicking on the button “Apply to course” no information has been sent.

If so, you should check that all mandatory fields are filled in and that the information is entered in the proper format before you try to send your application again. Please limit the use of capital letters when filling in the application form.

Please note that 28 November–4 December are full course days. The 27 November is reserved for traveling and there are no lectures planned on that date.

Questions and additional information

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