TransConflict maintains partnerships with a range of organizations internationally and throughout the Western Balkans.International Partners

  • National Democratic Institute (NDI) – a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.
  • Insight on Conflict – Peace Direct’s resource on local peacebuilders, containing information on how local people are working to resolve some of the longest and bloodiest conflicts around the world.
  • Jagello 2000 – the foremost Czech actor in the field of communication strategies concerning membership of the North Atlantic Alliance and security policy in general.

Media Partners

  • Buka – An on-line magazine for cultural decontamination from Bosnia and Herzergovina.

Serbia-based Partners

  • Take Action! – This campaign, launched by the OSCE Mission in Serbia, aims to support active citizen participation in decision-making processes that concern their daily lives.
  • Nova Vizija – support the development of local communities in Sandzak through the implementation of projects that incorporate all social groups, regardless of nationality, religion, gender or social status.
  • Community Resource Centre – Bujanovac – a multi-ethnic citizens association that works to develop and promote civil society and build trust amongst citizens of different nationalities in southern Serbia.
  • Reintegracija – the first organization in Serbia dealing with returnee issues after readmission, with the aim of creating mechanisms for sustainable returns from Western Europe and empowering returnees within the local community in order to attain both protection and assistance.
  • Youth Dialogue Programme – works to promote partnership and dialogue between young people from Serbia and Kosovo, including inter-ethnic dialogue amongst young Serbs, Albanians, Roma, Gorani and Bosniaks.

What are the principles of conflict transformation?

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