Future on the Future

TransConflict has launched a platform for students and young professionals from different countries to offer their perspectives and ideas on the future they would like to see for their respective country or region.

To date, the Future on the Future series has been launched in:

If you are interested in adding other countries or region’s to TransConflict’s ‘Future on the Future’ series, then please contact TransConflict by clicking here

Introduction – Promoting critical, constructive and creative thinking about the future

Though young people are vital to a country’s future – capable as they are of analyzing, critically-assessing and advocating changes and solutions – they rarely have the opportunity to voice their opinions on key matters. In order to secure a better future for all citizens, it is vital that young people have the chance to starting effecting those changes now; ensuring that by the time the future comes, they are already equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and insights to articulate and disseminate their visions of a better tomorrow.

To assist this process, TransConflict has created a special platform – Future on the Future – that will allow both university students and young professionals to share their views on a variety issues concerning their country’s future.

TransConflict is seeking short articles (up to a maximum of 1,000 words) that will be published on the TransConflict website. Readers will then have an opportunity to comment on the articles, thereby stimulating discussion and the exchange of perspectives between young people.

If you are interested in contributing articles to Future on the Future, please contact TransConflict by clicking here.

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