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As a signifier, Bosnjak - which is gaining traction as a national identity in Sandjak (in both Serbia and Montenegro), and among Balkan Muslims in Western Europe - is coming to connote a political identity associated with access to state power, “European” credentials and Islamic legitimacy.

Perspectives on conflict transformation in the Balkans

On Sunday, 25th March, the co-founders of TransConflict Serbia, Ms. Mirjana Kosić and Mr. Ian Bancroft, met with 30 representatives of the Young European Federalists from Germany (JEF - Junge Europäische Föderalisten) and Serbia (Mladi evropski federalisti), respectively.

Kosovo – a way forward

The frozen conflict over Kosovo can only be solved by changing the contours of the sovereignty game, ending Western pressure on both sides, and ensuring special arrangements for Serb historical and religious sites and Serb communities.

Macedonia – another Bucharest in Chicago?

With the International Court of Justice ruling in December 2011 that Greece had violated the Interim Accord by blocking Macedonia's bid to join NATO in 2008 in Bucharest, will the same scenario be repeated at the forthcoming NATO Summit in Chicago?


The struggle to control the term “genocide” has become a contested conceptual space, turning cautionary lessons in how bad we can be into disputes over just how bad things really were.

Kosovo and the Arab Spring

With ‘humanitarian intervention’ now back in the spotlight following events in Libya and Syria, NATO’s campaign against Belgrade on behalf of Kosovo Albanians is now being touted as a legal precedent; but should it?

Kosovo* – what next?

Securing agreement through international pressure alone can be very risky for Kosovo, Serbia and the EU, with the process vulnerable to changes in government and the wavering attractiveness of EU accession.

Belgrade – looking forward and backwards

As Serbia takes another important step on the road towards the EU, TransConflict is pleased to present a series of photos capturing contemporary life in Belgrade; a city still scarred by the legacies of the nineties, particularly the NATO bombing campaign.

Europe – facing the extreme

Amidst a profound economic and financial crisis, Europe's leaders must not ignore the rising popularity of extreme right-wing parties and radical anti-immigrant movements, and the threat they pose to multi-culturalism.

Sarajevo – beyond the siege

Over twenty years on from the onset of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ted Lieverman explores the progress of Sarajevo's recovery - or not - from the almost four-year long siege.


Lucas Oldwine's short film, 'Syntagma', explores the protests that gripped Athens in the summer of 2011; a vociferous and cohesive response against social injustices exposed and created by the economic crisis.

Congratulations, Kosovo

Self-congratulatory remarks by the International Civilian Representative for Kosovo juxtaposes oddly with demonstrations on both the Serbian and Kosovar Albanian sides that underscore that the situation...
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Peacebuilding and Bach

The music of Johann Sebastian Bach, particularly his organ music, redresses the balance from a bleak view of human affairs to a saner and more hopeful perspective.
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