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Areas of Expertise

Absolutely Justice and Peace has expertise in a range of areas, including:

Main Aims and Objectives

  • Absolutely Justice and Peace’s main aims and objectives are to:
  • Realize how essential peacebuilding and reconciliation is for society;
  • Increase social capacity and the propensity for the peaceful resolution of disputes;
  • Create awareness on the role of stakeholders and communities in mitigation of tensions;
  • Collect and strengthen ongoing efforts to consolidate peace for better participation and integration;
  • Establish a wider network of political and civil society leaders to define strategies for sustainable peace;
  • Develop training skills to work with leaders and groups;
  • Enable women and young people to fully contribute to and benefit from peacebuilding and reconstruction.

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

Absolutely Justice and Peace (AJP) is a platform that aims to consolidate sustainable peace and reconciliation at all levels, gives emphasis to advocacy and creates spaces for inclusive dialogue. With a regional vocation and scope, it lays groundwork for participatory research and monitoring in order to make effective and sustainable policy recommendations aiming to enable societies at all levels to make informed decisions, based on the values of participation, leadership, inclusivity, accountability and good governance.

AJP’s main mission is to strengthen the link between Peace-Justice and population through monitoring the implementation of government programs, enhancing peace practical mechanisms and initiatives and improving understanding of reconciliation through community-based approaches implementation involving primarily responsible at any level whatsoever in the Region.

Where and with Whom

AJP in partnership with national and regional organizations, customary and political stakeholders, local communities and civil society, works to consolidate peace both at DRC’s and regional levels (Great Lakes). It involves so far four countries which are Burundi, DRC, Rwanda and Uganda but intends to expand the circle of peacebuilding activities to other Great Lakes region members.

Organizations engaged with peace in partnership with AJP:

  • Youth Action for Life, Réseau des Adolescents et Jeunes Congolais en population et Développement, Vijana Africa are the most active organizations working with AJP for youth awareness.
  • Educational institutions: Catholic University of Bukavu (www.ucbukavu.ac.cd); Free University of The Great Lakes Region (www.ulpgl.net)
  • ACODIF – Community Action for Integral Development in Fizi – committed to community development, community peacebuilding, poverty eradication in Fizi, DR Congo;
  • Action des jeunes pour le Développement Communautaire et la Paix (ADECOP) – builds local capacity for peacebuilding and conflict transformation, and has a particular focus on strengthening the role of young people;
  • Action pour le Développement et la Paix endogènes (ADEPAE) – provides conflict transformation and development in North Kivu and South Kivu, DR Congo.
  • Congolese Initiative for Justice and Peace – (Initiative Congolaise pour la Justice et la Paix ICJP), Bukavu, Province of the South-Kivu, DRC.
  • Centre d’éducation et développement de Fizi (CEDEF) – provides programmes in participatory development and peacebuilding and reconciliation, non-violence and peace education in DR Congo
  • Centre Resolution Conflits (CRC) – works directly with militia groups, IDPs, and local communities, in East DR Congo. CODHAS: is a human rights and peacebuilding-based organization working in Masisi and Rutshuru in North Kivu Province. They work on land conflicts, ethnic conflicts and the protection of human rights.
  • Femmes Pour La Paix et le Développement (FPD) – works to bring vulnerable women in eastern DR Congo together to form associations, with the aim of helping them to overcome trauma.
  • Flevica – based in Bunia and operate in different regions of Ituri, a region of DR Congo that has seen heavy fighting in the Congolese Wars. Much of their work relates to ethnic violence.
  • Football Inter-Communautaire Project (FIC) – has brought together young people from different communities to share the idea of peace and demonstrate the power of sport to bring people together.
  • Forum des Mamans de l’Ituri (FOMI) – dedicated to fighting for women’s rights in Ituri, one of the regions affected by the worst fighting in east DRC.

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

Absolutely Justice and Peace’s main activities include:

  • Participatory-inclusive research and monitoring to capitalize information and collect data;
  • Community awareness raising campaigns through media, booklets, workshops, dissemination of relevant publications, (actors – civil society, customary and traditional chiefs, political stakeholders etc.);
  • Lobbying with organizations both national and those working in the Great Lakes region;
  • Work with women and youth platforms for peace awareness and peacebuilding process involvement;
  • Establishment of Inter-Community Peace Committees including youth, women, and community leaders with and advising pool of opinion leaders;
  • Organization of inter cultural and sporting activities;
  • Establishment of islands of peace in education institutions both at high school and university levels involving young people in peace processes;
  • Organization of fora involving inter-confessional institutions for interfaith tensions mitigation;
  • Advocacy at the political level for fair mineral and natural resources management and exploitation (approach – negotiation);
  • Mediation of land conflicts;
  • Capacity building for civil servants especially those managing land, mining, or engaging with community-based tensions;
  • Organization of fora for with stakeholders engaging with stabilization.

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