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Areas of Expertise

Jump has expertise in a range of areas, including:

Main Aims and Objectives

Jump was established with the aim of strengthening the skills of young people, whilst opening their minds and horizons, mainly in the town of Prijepolje, Serbia and elsewhere. Jump provides young people with an opportunity to get actively involved in developing their own community. Jump’s strategy is based upon upholding human rights, peacebuilding, environmental protection and increasing mobility. All Jump’s programs are developed on the principles, values and methodology of non formal education. The aims of Jump are to:

  • promote, develop and protect human rights;
  • implement peacebuilding activities;
  • ensure environmental protection;
  • contribute to the development of the local community;
  • develop active citizenship trough volunteer activism;
  • increase youth mobility.

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

Jump is creating and developing projects which are directly connected with the Principles of Conflict Transformation. At present, Jump is preparing a conflict transformation project with young hooligans from Prijepolje, in cooperation with the Council of Europe’s Youth Peace Ambassadors programme. All Jump’s projects use various methods that result in non-violent solutions to local issues.

Where and with Whom

Jump is developing projects with different national and international partners, building upon strong connections throughout Europe. Jump’s main partner is the local youth office of the municipality of Prijepolje. Jump is also cooperating closely with the Council of Europe’s Youth Peace Ambassadors programme. Jump is also a partner with numerous European organizations, primarily through the Youth in Action programme.

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

Developing projects which are focused upon Serb-Bosniak tensions in local community; a great part of which is lead by youngsters. Jump is trying to use non formal methods and non-violent communications techniques to tackle such issues.

Projects include:

  • “Youth Activists – Changemakers2 – Building an eco park through volunteerism, Prijepolje 2010/2011 – built first eco park on a sunny coast of river Mileševka. This project gathered huge number of volunteers who built this interesting place for youth, gathering together with City utility companies. The partner on the project was the Youth Office of Municipality of Prijepolje. Three main results of this project are a) new and eco friendly place for youth gatherings; b) successfully stopped irresponsible drivers from parking their cars on green surfaces; and c) gathered many young people who now became Jump volunteers, and started to be much more active in the local community.
  • “Snadji se” – 2011 Project focused on equipping youth with skills for finding and using crucial information.

Jump has also partnered on a number of other projects:

  • “Cultural and Rural” European Voluntary Service project in partnership with Casa Juventud from Fromista, Spain – One JUMP volunteer active on project in Spain February – October 2011;
  • “Extended hands” – LimART Prijepolje, 2010/2011 PROGRESS, UNDP;
  • Youth exchange “More than an image”, Macedonia, 16. April – 23. April 2011 – 5 JUMP active in Macedonia;
  • “Let’s cooperate with our neighbors”, Youth exchange, Poland, May. 2011 – Feasibility Visit! Themes: EVS project, conflict transformation, human rights;
  • Feasibility visit in Cardiff, Wales – May 2011;
  • “From informal learning to non-formal learning”, July 2011.
  • Partnership Building Activity in Ghent, Belgium;
  • YiA YEAH, august 2011. – Youth exchange in Croatia.

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