Kurdistan Village Reconstruction Association

Contact Information

  • Where – Iraq (The Middle East)
  • Contact Person – Hiwa Jamal Nori
  • Email – kvraorg@hotmail.com
  • Address – Sarchnar, Quarter No. 304, St. No. 4, Building No. 10, Iraq-Suleimaniya

Areas of Expertise

The Kurdistan Village Reconstruction Association has expertise in a range of areas, including:

Main Aims and Objectives

KVRA works to increase access to essential humanitarian assistance in order to rehabilitate Iraq and to improve the basic living conditions of the poor. KVRA supports the development of Iraqi civil society, as a means of upholding democratic values and structures.

Upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation

KVRA pursues a holistic approach that covers areas such as water and sanitation, schooling, health, elections, and peacebuilding. Following the spike in violence witnessed in Iraq, particularly surrounding the 2005 elections, KVRA has increasingly focused upon defusing electoral tensions by working with the electoral commission (IECI), universities and political parties.

Where and with Whom

KVRA focuses upon Suleimaniya, a city in Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraq.

Main Activities in the Field of Conflict Transformation

From 1994 onwards, KVRA has successfully implemented a wide variety of projects, including:

  • 1. Construction of a 50m bridge in Penjween area, named Korra-mew (grant from OFDA);
  • 2. Repairing an old huge bridge of 250m in length in Sharbazher area. named Kona masy (grant from OFDA);
  • 3. Repairing and reconstruction of three schools in Sharbazher area, Sar-khwar, Gorbaz and Bizainian (grant from OFDA);.
  • 4. Repairing and reconstruction of two schools in Darbandikhan area, Zaraeen and Qashtee (grant from OFDA);
  • 5. Reconstruction of two clinical centers – the first in Ranyia area, named Zharawa, the second in Sharbazher area, named Gorgadar (grant from OFDA);
  • 6. Improved water supplies in Qupe – Qaradakh, repairing the main line bringing water from the source to the village;
  • 7. Renovation of six temporary shelters for (234) displaced families in Qallawa (in co-operation with the Global Development Center), including water supply improvements;
  • 8. Social work with SC-UK in Pebaz area in New Karkuk, to mobilize support for the convention on the rights of the child;
  • 9. Sewing courses for (50) widows in Sulaemanyah (with Nahro Institute);
  • 10. Emergency processes during Iraqi crisis for IDPs in Qaradagh area (funding from UNICEF);
  • 11. Social awareness project for four villages (Anab, Ababaile, Dara Shesh, Jalila) in Halabja area, with USAID;
  • 12. Working to reduce violence during the election process in Halabja and Chamchamal, in co-operation with IFES;
  • 13. Participating in election monitoring process.

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