The Peacebuilders’ Panel

TransConflict is pleased to announce the launch of the Peacebuilders’ Panel, which is designed to stimulate debate about peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

Personally endorse the principles of conflict transformation!

TransConflict invites peacebuilding practitioners, academics, students and enthusiasts to join the debate on the Principles of Conflict transformation!

Each month, TransConflict will invite short submissions – a maximum of 300 words in length – discussing one of the individual principles of conflict transformation. The purpose of this debate is to improve understanding about the respective principles themselves, whilst providing a platform to generate ideas for their amendment and/or augmentation.

The first debate will focus on the principle that:

“1. Conflict should not be regarded as an isolated event that can be resolved or managed, but as an integral part of society’s on-going evolution and development;”

TransConflict kindly asks you to send your 300 word contributions (either by email or in Word format) to the following address – – by Friday 22nd June. Please entitle all emails – “Peacebuilders’ Panel” – and please include your name, affiliation and twitter handle (if you have one). If you would not like your real name to be used, then please notify us upon submission.

All accepted contributions will be posted on the TransConflict website for further debate and discussion. Please note that contributors will not be remunerated for their submissions.

Should you have any questions – or require further information – about the Peacebuilders’ Panel, then please do not hesitate to send us an email by clicking here.



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