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TransConflict is pleased to present the second Online Short Film Festival for Balkan Film-makers, organised by altcineAction!. The voting closes on September 27, while the award ceremony will be held at the Greek Film Archive on October 3rd.

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Entering the last week of voting, with 1,000 new registered users already, the suspense as to which film will finally win the three big awards is growing.

Will the choices be correct? Does the audience vote objectively or are friendships more important? Are, eventually, juries necessary everywhere?

We at altcineAction!, strongly believe that the audience can play that role – serving as the wisest jury, leading young filmmakers in interesting new paths. It is amazing for someone to be able to read about what is good or bad with his/her film, written by strangers sharing the same passion – cinema and especially Balkan cinema!

Let`s try all together to help the film-makers, but, most importantly, let’s try to improve the way we watch their films.

For all these reasons we remind you that the number of the votes does not constitute the absolute determining criteria. You need to explain and justify why you voted the way you did. The votes of the Best Critic are of more significance than votes without reviews and critiques. Do not forget that.

You are the jury!

Watch, think and expose yourself! Write your best critique or review in order to win our amazing prize for this year’s Best Critic.

The best critic award is…

AtcineAction! with great pleasure announces its collaboration with the Divan Film Festival for the Best Critic Award.

Thanks to our major partner, Divan Film Festival, the Best Critic will travel, next August, to Romania in order to participate in the festival’s symposium about Balkan cinema.

Divan Film Festival is situated at the Culture Port Cetate on the river Danube and will offer the joy of tasting fabulous food while watching amazing films. Along with the films screened, famous scholars and chroniclers give speeches on every year’s theme.

Last year`s topic was “Escape from the Balkans”; whilst this year, the attendees explored the “Balkan Comedy”. The festival gathered the presented essays together and printed them in a special edition on Balkan Cinema.

Prepare your best reviews, the competition is fierce! The more films you review and write critiques of, the more you get closer to winning and living this unique experience! And who knows, maybe through this procedure you’ll consider the possibility of following a career in cinematic theory. It’s up to you!

May the best one win!

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