The eighth GCCT newsletter

TransConflict is pleased to present the eighth Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation (GCCT) newsletter, showcasing the work of the GCCT and its members.


TransConflict is pleased to present the eighth bi-monthly newsletter, which provides a host of insights into the work of the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation (GCCT) and its members. The main purpose of this newsletter is to a) share information about the work of the GCCT and its members to a wider audience, and b) to strengthen co-operation and co-ordination between GCCT members themselves and with other interested parties.

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1) New members of the GCCT

a) Horiyat Group for Development and Human Rights (Libya)

Engages in peacebuilding projects in post-war areas which have been exposed to the adverse effects of conflict. Horiyat provides training programs on dialogue and mediation and conflict transformation, supporting the transformation by working with the respective conflicting parties. Read on…

b) Smile Again Africa Development Organization (South Sudan)

Focuses on conflict transformation in order to achieve its main goal of promoting a culture of peace, enhancing democratic values and acting as a catalyst for non-violent communication between all levels of South Sudanese society.  Read on…

2) GCCT Members in Focus

3) GCCT Insight and Analysis

4) GCCT Activities, Research and Requests

Collaborating for conflict transformation in Uganda

TransConflict is pleased to present the first contributions from our recently-established Collaborative Conflict Transformation initiative, providing a thorough overview of all aspects of conflict in Uganda. Read on…

5) GCCT Advocacy

Protecting schools from attack in Nigeria and beyond – how to support community-based responses

The abduction of close to 300 girls by Boko Haram from a school in Borno state, Nigeria in April, and the closure of schools due to insecurity in the region, highlight the urgent need to find practical solutions to prevent and respond to attacks on education. Read on…

What are the principles of conflict transformation?



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