New members of the GCCT

New members of the GCCT

TransConflict is pleased to announce five new members of the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation, from Uganda, Pakistan, Nigeria, Liberia and Somalia, respectively.

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  • Pan-African Peace Network (PAP-NET)Uganda (Eastern Africa) – PAP-NET is primarily involved in training of trainers in conflict transformation and meditation at three levels (grassroots, community leaders, and corporate and political leaders) and creating empowerment opportunities which are transformative in nature, with special focus on vulnerable groups like women and children.
  • JAD FoundationPakistan (Asia) – The JAD Foundation upholds the principles of conflict transformation by respecting and promoting the coexistence of all religions, faiths, cultures, traditions and values and kinship, thereby helping to reduce conflict among and between peoples.
  • Bege Foundation for Women and Youth EmpowermentNigeria (Western Africa) – The Bege Foundation for Women and Youth Empowerment is a non-governmental, non-profit making and non-partisan organization that works towards the well-being of vulnerable persons and communities; through the entrenchment of peaceful values.
  • Students Against Destructive Actions and Decisions (SADAD)Liberia (Western Africa) – SADAD engages young people on a weekly and monthly basis through peace forums and discussions that is directly about peace and young people’s contribution towards it. SADAD’s peace clubs in schools serve as the perfect platform to make young people the driving force of conflict transformation and peacebuilding.
  • Somali Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (SOMESHA)Somalia (Eastern Africa) – SOMESHA builds capacities in news reporting and in developing media-citizen engagement mechanisms. It likewise strengthens community-based media networks and journalism initiatives anchored on the principles of public journalism that promotes the idea that the news belongs to the people and that the news should lead to the solution of local problems.

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