Global Youth Rising

Global Youth Rising

TransConflict is pleased to give its support to Global Youth Rising, a summer camp and global gathering for passionate activists and peacebuilders changing the world, to be held in Romania on 10-20th July 2016.

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Join us for a global gathering than brings together activists, peace workers and others who are working to make the world a better place as we come together to discuss key issues such as what’s happening in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen and we work to create solid collaborative movements and plans of action for tackling these issues. PATRIR, in co-ordination with several partners including National Peace Academy, PAX, UNOY, the World Peace Initiative, IAHV, Building Bridges for Peace, Peace and Collaborative Development Network and many more, is now accepting applications for GLOBAL YOUTH RISING – a summer camp and global gathering. This 10 day event this July will bring together passionate, motivated organizations, youth activists and peace workers from around the world to learn, share, collaborate and gain practical skills, tools and inspiration to empower them to achieve real and meaningful change in the world.

There are few forums in the world where people passionate about creating change can come together; Global Youth Rising aims to change this, bringing together extraordinary and dedicated activists, practitioners and global trainers who will facilitate trainings and workshops on a range of important topics including: tackling violent extremism and discrimination; healing from trauma (especially for those working with refugee/asylum seeking populations); building effective action in our communities; using arts and creativity for social transformation; fostering inner peace and well-being; building solidarity with citizens’ peace movements and activists in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iraq and Ukraine; peace education; environmental justice and environmental movements; and practical peacebuilding skills (e.g. using social and digital media for activism).

As well as trainers from PATRIR, PAX, Peace Revolution, IAHV, National Peace Academy, UNOY and an alliance of other organizations, this is a horizontal forum where participants and organizations will be able to share their own experiences from their own communities and countries or work internationally, learning from each other and working to create solid international movements and projects.

The camp and global gathering will also include morning well-being sessions, including yoga, breathing techniques and meditation; the opportunity for non-formal learning such as forum theatre, strategy sessions on building movements, discussions, peace circles and film nights. Participants will also have the chance to explore the beautiful Transylvanian countryside and take part in excursions including mountain hiking and white-water rafting!

The T summer camp and global gathering 2016 is the perfect opportunity to come together with dedicated activists from around the world and deepen your skills, knowledge, capacities and passion for real change — or to support youth and youth organisations in your community for the experience of a lifetime.


  1. Dates are 10-20th July 2016 in Romania.
  2. Deadline for Applications: May 30. (May 5th for those requiring a visa)
  3. Application form – click here.

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Global Youth Rising is an empowering summer camp for passionate activists and peacebuilders. PATRIR along with UNOY, Pax, National Peace Academy, IAHV, Building Bridges for Peace, Search for Common Ground, Peace Revolution and the World Peace Forum are bringing together activists and organisations for an exciting series of informal training workshops on: tackling extremism; practical tools for peacebuilding and activism; dealing with trauma and working with refugee/asylum seekers; finding inner peace; environmental issues and many other relevant and exciting topics. As well as learning from our expert trainers, you will be able to share and learn from other active youth from around the world and take part in yoga, discussions, film nights, excursions into the mountains and much more! Cluj County, Romania, 10-20th July 2016

A summer camp and global gathering for youth activists and peacebuilders in the heart of the Apuseni Mountains, Romania. 10 days of training sessions and workshops from PATRIR, UNOY, PAX, IAHV, National Peace Academy and many more, as well as excursions, team-building and personal development classes. 10-20th July 2016

The Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR) is a member of the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation, comprised of organizations committed to upholding and implementing the principles of conflict transformation. 

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