Four new members of the GCCT

Four new members of the GCCT

TransConflict is pleased to announce four new members of the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation, from Rwanda, Somalia, Uganda and the UK, respectively.

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  1. Ukuri Kuganze Association (Rwanda) – (‘Let Truth Prevail’) was established in 2003 by Didas Kayinamura; a self-confessed genocide perpetrator and former prisoner, who was released through a presidential decree. The Association is today comprised of both survivors and perpetrators of genocide, as well as refugees from 1994 and families with members or neighbours in prison because of their involvement in genocide. All are committed to speaking the truth about what happened in Rwanda, thereby bringing people together and helping to restore trust.
  2. Community Empowerment for Peace and Integrated Development (Somalia) – works to promote public peace awareness through trainings and workshops engaging the mass media; to create a conducive environment for the mediation of all conflicting parts in Somalia; to take in peacebuilding and peacekeeping measures among all Somali people; to implement post war reconstruction projects throughout the country; to campaign for sustainable and long lasting peace forums; and to work to support diaspora participation in peace initiatives and development contributions to local communities.
  3. Uganda Community Development Foundation (Uganda) – works holistically to ensure peaceful and poverty free communities enjoying their rights and fundamental freedoms. UCODEF aims to empower households and communities with the skills and capacities to pursue participatory approaches to sustainable development.
  4. African Sickle Cell Project UK – aims to alleviate the suffering of African refugees and asylum seekers from African French speaking countries who are affected by sickle cell disease in providing multiform support for them to be able to rebuild their lives in the UK.

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