April 2017 Review

April 2017 Review

TransConflict is pleased to present a selection of articles published during April, plus updates from the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation. 

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1) In the Balkans, perhaps it is time for an Ummah

David B. Kanin – The fraying status quo in the region gives Islamists an opportunity to broaden and deepen their influence. Read on…

2) The battle over Syria’s future

Dr. Alon Ben-Meir – President Trump must remember that although ISIS’ defeat is critical, he has to develop a comprehensive strategy that will not only shape the final framework of an agreement in cooperation with Russia, but also facilitate a solution to other regional conflicts. Time is running out and the body count must stop. Read on…

3) Syria – chemical weapon use, destruction of children, the ethical vacuum

Rene Wadlow – The Association of World Citizens has called for a United Nations-led conference on the re-affirmation of humanitarian, international law. There needs to be a world-wide effort on the part of governments and non-governmental organizations to re-affirm humanitarian values and the international treaties which make them governmental obligations. Read on…

4) The looming end to the Western-Turkish alliance

Dr. Alon Ben-Meir – It is now left to the Turkish people who want a secular and democratic Turkey with Islamic values to say NO in the April 16 referendum to amend the constitution and deny Erdogan the dictatorial powers he is seeking. Moreover, defying him in the referendum would potentially accelerate his departure from the political scene. Read on…

5) What just happened in Geneva (2.0)?

Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice – The international community must think much more robustly and creatively about applying pressure to ensure that the Sri Lankan Government honours in full the commitments it has made at the Human Rights Council. Aid, trade and determined political engagement provide some of the levers necessary to effect this change. Promises made on paper, alone, will not. Read on…

6) Trumpism and the ethics of climate change denial

Sam Ben-Meir – To really address Trumpism and the denial of man-made climate change, we have to assume moral responsibility, not only for our actions but for our beliefs themselves. Philosophy has a crucial role to play today in addressing the moral challenge we face in terms of the weakening of our normative commitments. The antidote to Trumpism must involve recommitting ourselves to epistemic values, including especially the universality and value of truth. Read on…

7) Strategy of force coupled with sound diplomacy

Dr. Alon Ben-Meir – Trump’s unpredictability and his readiness to use force when necessary can be an asset, but it is no substitute for a sound and effective strategy—a strategy that offers carrots while carrying a big stick, with a clear objective always in sight. Read on…

8) Lebanon – Iran’s collateral bonus

ShiaWatch – Considering the current regional and international conditions, there is almost no hope that anything is still capable of undoing Hezbollah’s “capture” of Lebanon and respectfully presenting the country to Iran as yet another war trophy. Nevertheless, it remains imperative to assess the cost Lebanon must pay for this Pax Iranica, not the least of which will include the country’s much touted “stability.” Read on…

9) A sad day for Turkey

Dr. Alon Ben-Meir – To be sure, it is a sad day for the Turkish people, who are witnessing with fear and deep trepidation how their dream of living in an enlightened, progressive, and secular country is dissolving in front of their eyes. Read on…

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