Mediation Course in Serbia by the Conflux Center

Mediation Course in Serbia by the Conflux Center

TransConflict hereby recommends a Mediation Course in Belgrade, Serbia, from February 25th to March 2nd 2018, organized by the Conflux Center. 

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The aim of the course is to enhance specific knowledge in conflict analysis and mediation skills of the participants which could be successfully applied in emerging and ongoing crisis situations.

The training will consist of contributions by senior experts and practitioners in this field, facilitated discussions, and simulation exercises.

The content of the course aims to create a platform for an exchange of experiences, as well as the best practices and the trends in the field of mediation between participants and facilitators.

Course fee is 1,250 EUR and includes:

  1. training activities
  2. official dinner
  3. sightseeing tour
  4. opening and closing ceremonies’ cocktails/receptions
  5. participation at two-day international conference “Mediation, Conflict Prevention and Resolution in the Emerging Paradigm” on 24th and 25th February (prior the beginning of the course)

The course fee will be partially subsidized for a limited number of qualified applicants. If you wish to apply for partial subsidy, please send an email with your curriculum vitae and motivational letter to

The course will be preceded by a two-day international conference “Mediation, Conflict Prevention and Conflict Resolution in the Emerging Paradigm” (24th-25th February 2018), which is organized in a partnership between Conflux Center and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia. The participants of the course are invited to attend the conference free of charge.

Conference and Course will be conducted at Hotel M, Bulevar Oslobodjenja 56a, Belgrade.

About the Conflux Center

Founded in Belgrade, Serbia, the Conflux Center is a politically independent and impartial organization, that, like a conflux of rivers, aims to bring together people of various backgrounds and expertise in order to exchange ideas and experiences to create a strong united front with the goal of building the path towards open dialogue and improved mediation practices on a global level.

The mission of Conflux Center is to promote international cooperation, intercultural dialogue and mediation as essential tools in addressing challenges and threats to world peace and security.

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