January 2018 Review

January 2018 Review

TransConflict is pleased to present a selection of articles published during January, plus updates from the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation. 

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1) Oliver Ivanović

Gerard M. Gallucci – Chances are that most local people know who was behind the murder. But silence about what is widely known is a Balkans trait and is probably thought to be the safest tactic in the north where everyone knows who must be obeyed. In Mitrovica, purely political messages may be delivered by grenades that go off in the night and hurt no one, not by murder. Whatever the case, real justice may never be done. Read on…

2) Chinese leadership on UN reform

Rene Wadlow – The Chinese proposals for reform of the UN merit close attention. Most are not radically new. The proposals are very “State-centric”. The role and capacity for action of non-governmental organizations is never mentioned. However, it is not so much the proposals themselves as the timing which is important.Read on…

3) When geopolitical conditions and moral values converge

Dr. Alon Ben-Meir – There is no real adversary today that can potentially destroy Israel. Israel’s greatest enemy comes from within – its misguided leaders, whose blind messianic mission will be behind the destruction of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. Read on…

4) Assassination of Serb leader in Kosovo signals gathering political storm

Rene Wadlow – Narrow nationalism has led to changes in population distribution toward more mono-ethnic areas, but each state still has ethnic minorities who live uneasily side-by-side. Kosovo is the state where “living together” is most fragile. Ivanović’s assassination could mark the beginning of a social and political storm. There are some 4,600 NATO troops in Kosovo who may be able to prevent wide-spread violence, but troops are not bridge builders. Read on…

5) The dangerous erosion of the US’ global leadership

Dr. Alon Ben-Meir – The Republican party has become complicit in Trump’s mischiefs and misguided policies. It is now up to the Democrats to get their act together, regain control of the House and Senate, and shackle Trump before he causes irreparable damage to America’s global role and responsibility. Read on…

6) Morocco – a beacon of hope for Christianity in the Middle East

Richard Bone – In a region of the world where Christians continue to be targets of terrorist attacks, and governmental policies that oppress Christians are becoming more common, opportunities should be seized to preserve Christian heritage sites in the Middle East and North Africa. Read on…

7) Kosovo without EULEX?

Gerard M. Gallucci – The latest kerfuffle about ending the Special Chambers – which elicited strong negative reaction from both the EU and US – is just one indication that Kosovo is not ready to be on its own yet. But many other reasons exist to expect that EULEX will remain, even as it again downsizes slightly to lessen its footprint. Read on…

8) New report on partnerships with local civil society organisations in conflict

Oxfam and International Alert’s new report “Partnerships in Conflict” presents research on the impact of violent conflict on civil society organizations and the implications for international actors who partner with them. The research took place in Myanmar, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read on…

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