Intelligence and Information Management in Peace Operations Course

Intelligence and Information Management in Peace Operations Course

TransConflict hereby recommends an Intelligence and Information Management in Peace Operations Course in Belgrade, Serbia, from May 6th to 11th, organized by the Conflux Center. 

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The objective of the course is to develop a deeper understanding and specific skills in information management and the use of intelligence in integrated peace operations.

This will be the first course to be guided by the new United Nations Peacekeeping Intelligence Policy and will be a central topic throughout the course.

The course program is designed for mid and senior level civilian, military and police working in international organizations (UN, AU, EU, OSCE etc.), and those working in governments, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions.

The course will include the management of internal and cross agency information sharing, coordination and cooperation, with a view to strengthening decision-making process and operational effectiveness in the field.

The training will consist of contributions and facilitated discussions by senior experts and practitioners in this field, as well as simulation exercises, role play and case studies which will comprise over half of the course.

The course fee is 1,500 euros and includes:

  1. Training activities
  2. Administrative materials
  3. Opening and closing ceremonies
  4. Farewell dinner and,
  5. Sightseeing tour

Partial subsidy is available to a limited number of applicants. For more information please email with your CV and motivational letter. Once your application has been reviewed you will be notified promptly.

The course will be conducted at Hotel M, Bulevar Oslobodjenja 56a, Belgrade.

Should you prefer, you can arrange and pay for your accommodation at Hotel M through Conflux Center. In this case, the full package, which includes the course fee and accommodation for six days (from 5th to 11th May 2018) at Hotel M is 2,070 EUR.

Participants are free to choose other accommodation in Belgrade, but in that case, transportation to and from the airport, to and from the event(s) venue, accommodation and meals (excluding official dinners and cocktails), are their own responsibilities.

Transportation around Belgrade, daily allowances, visa costs and other associated cash emoluments for participants are their own responsibility or that of the organization which is sponsoring their participation. Health insurance and medical requirements depends on where the participants are residing, in accordance to Serbian laws, and are the personal responsibility of each participant.

Course Information

Director: Goran Topalović
Senior Mentors: Ambassador Milos Strugar, UN Senior Mediation Adviser
Julian Harston, UN Assistant Secretary-General (Ret.)
Venue: Hotel M,
Bulevar Oslobodjenja 56a, Belgrade, Serbia
Duration: 6th – 11th May 2018
Course Fee: 1,500 EUR


About the Conflux Center

Founded in Belgrade, Serbia, the Conflux Center is a politically independent and impartial organization, that, like a conflux of rivers, aims to bring together people of various backgrounds and expertise in order to exchange ideas and experiences to create a strong united front with the goal of building the path towards open dialogue and improved mediation practices on a global level.

The mission of Conflux Center is to promote international cooperation, intercultural dialogue and mediation as essential tools in addressing challenges and threats to world peace and security.

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