Information Collection Analysis and Management (ICAM)

Information Collection Analysis and Management (ICAM)

TransConflict hereby recommends a new course, entitled ‘Information Collection Analysis and Management’ (ICAM), organized by Metis Services AB, which will be held in Stockholm in January 2019. 

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Metis Services AB are pleased to open submissions to the new ‘Information Collection Analysis and Management’ (ICAM) course to be held in Stockholm January 2019. ICAM builds upon the history of a decade of FBA PKI and IIC courses with a renewed focus on practical operational
skills and tools in the field information landscape.

With a continuing real world need and registered interest for further training in this information area; International Mentors from the popular former annual FBA IIC course have independently agreed to team up and run this new ICAM course with METIS.

The course aims to give a rounded field information training package that encompasses all phases from collection, analysis and management of information for building enhanced situational awareness; aiding both security and operational effectiveness in the field.


  • Course date – 5 Days: Sun 6 Jan – Fri 11 Jan 2019
  • Location – Stockholm, Sweden

Key ICAM curriculum areas include:

  • Open Source and Social Media information search and cultivation;
  • OS and advanced Analysis tools and techniques including i2;
  • Psychological foundations to establishing and developing relationships;
  • Human network management;
  • Inter cultural understanding and navigation;
  • Data and information Security;
  • Information/Intel Processes and Management.

The broad ICAM course curriculum has proved equally applicable and valuable to a broad spectrum of field personnel from NGO, Humanitarian community, EU, UN, Journalist, Gov, Investigation and specialist information backgrounds. Indeed, the mix of participant type and experience has proven highly valuable to the course experience in previous years generating a rich opportunity to network and share approaches and understanding.

The ICAM course will be held close to Arlanda airport in Stockholm, Sweden at a private training area equipped with accommodation and meals to facilitate a focused course week where mentors will be available throughout the days and evenings.

Please click here for further information or email the METIS team.

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