Kosovo – kakav nered

Imajući u vidu bujicu loših vesti koje tokom poslednjih nedelja pristižu sa Kosova, jedini put napred je ponovni pokušaj međunarodne zajednice da ostvari političko rešenje, ovoga puta direktno sa Beogradom.

Kosovo chooses its future course

The outcome of Kosovo's first general elections since declaring independence will be key to determining Pristina’s willingness to engage constructively in forthcoming talks with Serbia.

Serbia's Sandzak at odds with Belgrade

Calls for greater autonomy for Sandzak - particularly by the head of the Islamic Community in Serbia, Mufti Muamer Zukorlic - continue to place Serbia's predominantly Bosniak south-west corner at odds with Belgrade.

New Serbia, new NATO

TransConflict Serbia, in conjunction with the Forum for Ethnic Relations and Klub 21, organized a conference, entitled ‘New Serbia, new NATO – Future Vision for the 21st Century’, on 3rd and 4th December, 2010.

EU accession and peacebuilding

Extracts from a report on a recent seminar, entitled ‘EU accession and peacebuilding’, organized by the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO), which took place in Belgrade on 28-29th September 2010.

Bosnia must "cease being a protectorate"

An interview with Ian Bancroft, the co-founder of TransConflict, on the recent elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the role of the international community and the prospects for reform in the face of prevailing ethnic divisions.

Bosnia decides that very little changes

Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina will once again be decided on the basis of divisive nationalist positioning, not future policy and prospects; ensuring that delay, deadlock and deflecting attention from the real issues will continue to characterise politics throughout the country.

Re-linking the Western Balkans – the energy dimension

This policy report analyzes the challenges that the Western Balkan countries face in their efforts to increase energy efficiency, reduce import dependency and expand renewable energy sources, whilst simultaneously aligning their legislation and policies with the EU's acquis communautaire.

Kosovo i Ahtisarijev plan Reduks

Ahtisarijev plan - ili nešto slično tome - će morati biti deo bilo kakvog praktičnog rešenja za sever Kosova, uz mogućnost da međunarodna zajednica preuzme ulogu Prištine u sprovođenju Plana.

Time to end the appeasement of Serbia

Instead of entertaining the idea of territorial exchanges between Serbia and Kosovo, the international community should make mutual co-existence, human rights and anti-racism the basis of its intervention in the region.
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