Kosovo – time for reconciliation

TransConflict is pleased to present a report, published as part of the project 'Mediation through Monasteries in Kosovo', which calls for the establishment of a Community Relations Council to strengthen relations between Peć/Pejë municipality and the Patriarchate.

Kosovo – the EU’s many voices

The EU's policies in the Western Balkans - particularly vis-a-vis Kosovo - threaten to undermine its credibility as an international actor and raise profound questions about the very future of its burgeoning Common Foreign and Security Policy.

Kosovo – the end of supervision?

Whilst the departing International Civilian Office (ICO) oversaw the writing of many good rules, according to which Kosovo’s institutions were erected or reshaped, it completely neglected to ensure their full implementation.

Dealing with the Michael Collins problem

Along with substantive questions, both Serbia and Kosova continue to grapple with the spoiler problem which underscores – as the unfortunate examples of Ireland’s Michael Collins and Israel’s Yitzhak Rabin demonstrate – the dangers notables face if they prove willing to accept something less than total victory.
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