TransConflict established the Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation (GCCT), comprised of organizations committed to upholding the Principles of Conflict Transformation.

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The Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation (GCCT) brings together non-profit organizations committed to upholding and implementing the Principles of Conflict Transformation. The GCCT’s mission is to raise awareness and understanding about conflict transformation, facilitate theoretical and policy-oriented debate on conflict transformation, advocate for greater support for conflict transformation processes and catalyse the sharing of best practice between practitioners. The GCCT engages with all actors who can contribute to facilitating conflict transformation, and implements concrete activities aimed at upholding its stated objectives.


The overall objective of the Coalition is to raise awareness about the principles of, and approaches to, conflict transformation globally.

Other strategic objectives include to:

  • Establish closer cooperation between organizations working in the field of conflict transformation, thereby providing a framework for joint actions.
  • Reduce the gap between theory and practice as a means of further developing the methodologies and tools of conflict transformation.
  • Encourage theoretical and policy-oriented debate about the principles, aims and approaches of conflict transformation.
  • Lobby for the principles and approaches of conflict transformation to be incorporated into the policies and activities of governments and international organizations.
  • Advocate for greater support for conflict transformation efforts on the domestic, regional and international levels, respectively.
  • Provide conflict transformation education to a wide range of actors, including governments, international organizations, civil society, the media and other interested parties.

How to Apply for Membership

Membership in the coalition is open to those organizations agreeing to endorse and uphold the Principles of Conflict Transformation.

If you are interested in joining the GCCT, please complete the following application form by clicking here.


The Global Coalition for Conflict Transformation is an initiative of TransConflict, a UK registered charity, as part of its commitment to strengthen the field of conflict transformation. All enquiries regarding the Global Coalition – including its activities and members – should be addressed to TransConflict.

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What are the principles of conflict transformation?

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