Burundi remains vulnerable to outbreaks of violence between the majority Hutu and minority Tutsi ethnic groups, from which several hundred thousand people have died in previous decades.

 Suggested Reading Conflict Background Analysis

GCCT members from Burundi



CEDAC is an apolitical organization without lucrative objectives and with no denominational affiliation. Created in Bujumbura in 2005, CEDAC is engaged in the training and development of ex-combatant and victims of war, looking for peace, fighting for human rights. Read more…


3) Coalition pour la Paix au Burundi (COPA Burundi)

COPA is a membership organisation striving to build the capacity of its members and providing support to existing service providers in Africa. Its dream is to see a sustainable culture of peace taking root in Africa, in which divergent views and interests coexist in a manner that reinforces a common good; and a continent that acknowledges and solves its problem, and contributes towards global solutions. Read more…


4) Women’s Peace Center

The Women’s Peace Center (WPC) is a women’s organization based in Burundi and engaged to be equitable in its mission to contribute to the promotion of a democratic culture, based upon the promotion of peace and security environment trough the increase of women’s power of action..Read more…


Elections in Burundi in 2010 (Photograph by Brice Blondel, published under a Creative Commons License)

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