South Sudan

Despite becoming the world’s newest nation on 9th July 2011, South Sudan faces a host challenges in consolidating its statehood, including the sharing of oil revenues and the disputed status of the region of Abyei.

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GCCT members from South Sudan

1) Smile Again Africa Development Organization

Smile Again Africa Development Organization (SAADO), established in 2011, is an indigenous South Sudanese humanitarian organization that aims to eradicate poverty, mitigate conflict and improve the living standard of the people of South Sudan and the region. Read more…


2) South Sudan Development Agency

The South Sudan Development Agency support and builds the capacity of war-affected and marginalized community in South Sudan in order to reduce vulnerabilities and improve livelihoods through the promotion of quality primary education and healthcare, human right and peace, water and sanitation and food security. Read more…


3) South Sudan Youth Participation Agency (SSYPA)

The South Sudan Youth Participation Agency (SSYPA) works to empower youth leaders as peace ambassadors and beacons of hope for South Sudan. Read more…


South Sudan Celebrates Independence

South Sudan Celebrates Independence – A man has the flag of the Republic of South Sudan painted on his face to celebrate the birth of the new nation (photograph courtesy of United Nations Photo, published under a Creative Commons Licence).

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