Though generally considered a relatively peaceful country, Ghana has been plagued by ethnic conflicts in its northern region and is vulnerable to spill-over from conflicts in neighbouring countries.

 Suggested Reading Conflict Background Analysis

GCCT members from Ghana

1) Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation

The Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation (SDPF) was founded to celebrate poetry for the new African Future. The foundation is established on a principle of partnership and the mission of “bringing people together through art” by promoting African cultural values and tradition with the vision of excellence through poetry as the highest, most complete expression of truth and beauty. Read more…


2) Youth Icons

Youth Icons is a youth oriented not-for-profit; non-government organization run by young people committed through empowerment of the youth of Africa with its office located in Accra the capital of Ghana. Youth Icons is highly concerned about the continued deterioration of the status of the youth of Africa who face growing levels of unemployment, poverty, armed conflict, disease, functional illiteracy and substance abuse among other socio-economic challenges, despite global advances made in technology, medical research, entrepreneurship development, leisure and recreational facilities. Read more…


Photograph by Michele Mazzone, published under a Creative Commons license

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