Ahtisaari Plan

Kosovo – myth busting

A number of myths about the north of Kosovo - including that there is a military/police solution to its refusal to accept rule by Pristina and that EULEX is acting legally in seeking to impose Kosovo customs in the north - continue to jeopardize peace and security.

Kosovo – EULEX and status neutral customs

With KFOR clearly acting in violation of its UN Security Council mandate in supporting Pristina's ban on Serbian imports, Kosovo Serbs are within their rights to expect EULEX to follow status neutral procedures should it insist on doing customs in the north.

The Berlinisation of north Kosovo

A European solution to the Kosovo issues requires that boundaries be broken down through negotiation and compromise, rather than reinforced through unilateralism and the use of violence.

Kosovo – the coming conflict over customs

Though Serbia and Kosovo have reached a compromise agreement on customs seals, Pristina's efforts to impose its customs officers and fee collection at the northern boundary will likely became a further source of violence.

Kosovo – NATO's violation of its UN mandate

KFOR's imposition of Pristina's trade blockade and General Buhler's role in 'negotiating' political agreements both exceed NATO's UN mandate; a mandate that the Quint countries – led by the US and Germany – have chosen to disregard.

Kosovo – the 'Hoodlum' myth

The myth of the “hoodlums” does an injustice to the northern Kosovo Serbs and seriously underestimates what is at stake in the north, and what cost may have to be paid for the Quint effort to hand the north to Pristina before leaving.

Kosovo – the politics of partition

Kosovo's prime minister, Hashim Thaci, recently executed a dangerous gamble in Serb-dominated northern Kosovo by seizing the border posts between the region and Serbia. His actions illustrate the changing balance of power between Americans and Europeans in the region, and the important role of Serbia’s primary opposition party in resolving the Kosovo conflict.

Serbia and Kosovo – the EU condition

Though the EU has attempted to exploit the Kosovo crisis to begin openly pressing Belgrade to give up the north in order to enhance its membership prospects, it seems most likely that the Quint's attempt at blackmail will not work.

Kosovo – "partition is now more likely"

An interview with Gerard Gallucci, the former UN Regional Representative in Mitrovica, in which he discusses how the actions of Pristina and the support of NATO has - by hardening the line between Serbs and Albanians - made partition ever more likely.

Independence interruptus

The behavior of all sides in the current customs dispute demonstrates that — as far as the locals are concerned — the question of who has sovereignty is an indelibly zero-sum dispute; one that the respective local elites must be left to settle on their own.

Kosovo – the gathering storm

In light of the unilateralism and brute force employed by Pristina in the north, Serbia must escape the stalemate that currently defines its policy towards Kosovo and adopt a stronger policy towards both the Quint and the EU.

Kosovo – of talks and violence

Though talks between Pristina and Belgrade are likely to continue at some stage in the near future, the recent violence is an important reminder that negotiations are determined not just on the negotiating table, but also on the streets of the north of Kosovo.

Kosovo – kako bi mogao da izgleda 'Ahtisari plus'?

‘Ahtisari Plus’ pristup, koji bi ponudio oblik specijalne autonomije za sever, mogao bi biti osnova za kompromis između Beograda i Prištine - kompromis koji bi takođe mogao dobiti dovoljno podrške od strane kosovskih Srba sa severa kako bi bio održiv.

The perpetual theatre of Kosovo

'Teatro Stabile del Kosovo' - The Perpetual Theatre of Kosovo - is filmed, directed and edited by award-winning Italian reporter, Roberto Valussi, who travelled extensively throughout Kosovo for more than a year during its making.

Serbia offers a Kosovo smorgasbord

Eager to ensure that Kosovo does not inhibit its EU membership aspirations, the Serbian government - facing elections next year - has recently offered a veritable smorgasbord of possibilities for reaching a “historical” compromise.

Srbija nudi kosovski švedski sto

S željom da osigura da Kosovo neće inhibirati njene aspiracije ka članstvu u EU, srpska vlada - koju naredne godine očekuju izbori - nedavno je ponudila pravi švedski sto mogućnosti za ostvarivanje 'istorijskog' kompromisa.

Kosovo – Pristina's police ploy

Pristina's attempts to inject its police into the north threaten to upset the status quo and provoke a response that may not only lead to the full partition of the Kosovo Police Service, but which could also derail talks between Serbia and Kosovo.

Kosovo – smicalica Prištine s policijom

Pokušaji Prištine da nametnu svoje policijske snage na Kosovu pretnja su trenutnom statusu quo i izazivaju odgovor koji ne samo da bi mogao dovesti do potpune podele kosovske policije (KPS), već bi mogao izbaciti iz koloseka i razgovore između Srbije i Kosova.

Kosovo – the negotiations, the north and the police

Whilst Belgrade shows a willingness to compromise on specific issues, Pristina remains wedded to a maximalist stance - particularly towards the north - that inhibits its scope for making concessions and has led to suggestions that regional stability could be threatened if the spectre of partition is raised.

Kosovo – da li EU postaje statusno neutralna?

Nakon što je od 2008. godine nastojala da podrže nametanje vladavine Prištine na severu Kosova, Evropska unija bi sada mogla da pređe ka više statusno neutralnom pristupu. Mnogo toga će ponovo zavisiti od detalja, kao i od toga da li će SAD ići u istom pravcu.
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