Kosovo – is the EU turning status neutral?

After seeking since 2008 to support the imposition of Pristina's rule in north Kosovo, the EU may now be shifting to a more status-neutral approach. The devil will be in the details and much will depend on whether the US goes along.

The love triangle – Serbia, Kosovo and the EU

The next elections will determine whether Serbia chooses the 'European perspective' or the so-called 'Kosovo path'; whether it will continue to uphold its territorial integrity or seek to amend its constitution in order to join the EU.

Kosovo – divisible sovereignty

Side-stepping the sovereignty issue and avoiding partition requires increased autonomy for the Serbs north of the Ibar and some form of role for Serbia vis-à-vis the southern Serbs and the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Kosovo – okay, really, what next?

With 2009 having ended much as it began, the international community must continue to pursue a peacekeeping approach to the north in order to keep alive the possibility of a negotiated outcome.
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