Kosovo – time for reconciliation

TransConflict is pleased to present a report, published as part of the project 'Mediation through Monasteries in Kosovo', which calls for the establishment of a Community Relations Council to strengthen relations between Peć/Pejë municipality and the Patriarchate.


Lucas Oldwine's short film, 'Syntagma', explores the protests that gripped Athens in the summer of 2011; a vociferous and cohesive response against social injustices exposed and created by the economic crisis.

Peacebuilding and Bach

The music of Johann Sebastian Bach, particularly his organ music, redresses the balance from a bleak view of human affairs to a saner and more hopeful perspective.

About blood and honey

Almost twenty years on from the beginning of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, two Dutch journalists are travelling the country seeking answers to the question, does Bosnia and Herzegovina really exist?
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