Kosovo – alternativna rešenja za sever

Iako je na severu Kosova u poslednje vreme bilo relativno mirno, sa iznimkom nekoliko manjih incidenata, prisutna je sumnja da se ova situacija može održati bez daljiih sputavanja i mogućeg političkog rešenja zasnovanog na jednom od dve alternative - specijalnoj autonomiji za sever ili podeli.

Kosovo – the Ahtisaari plan redux

The Ahtisaari plan - or something like it - will have to be part of any practical arrangement for the north of Kosovo, with the international community possibly taking the place of Pristina in the Plan's implementation.

Time to end the appeasement of Serbia

Instead of entertaining the idea of territorial exchanges between Serbia and Kosovo, the international community should make mutual co-existence, human rights and anti-racism the basis of its intervention in the region.

Kosovo – the ICJ speaks

The International Court of Justice's ruling has found Kosovo's declaration of independence to be neither legal nor illegal, but that international law contains no applicable prohibition of such declarations.

Kosovo – “a struggle over who gets the north”

An interview with Gerard Gallucci, the former UN Regional Representative in Mitrovica, in which he discusses the impending International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling on the legality of Kosovo's declaration of independence and its implications for the future of the disputed territory, particularly the north of Kosovo.

Kosovo – okay, really, what next?

With 2009 having ended much as it began, the international community must continue to pursue a peacekeeping approach to the north in order to keep alive the possibility of a negotiated outcome.
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