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Barking up the wrong tree in Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina has made progress along its road map, but the international community is focusing on the wrong issues.

From Russia with loans

The agreements signed during president Medvedev’s visit to Belgrade not only reinforce Russia’s economic influence over Serbia, but also demonstrate that relations between the two will not be impeded or diminished by Serbia’s accession towards Europe.

The concept of international security and the evolving role of NATO

NATO has survived the end of the Cold War by adopting new missions, changing conceptually, taking in new members and by invoking Article Five in response to the challenges posed to global security after September 11th.

Prioritising rights over regions

Instead of renewing calls for the establishment of a “Presevo Valley region”, ethnic Albanian politicians should focus on establishing an Albanian National Council in order to effectively uphold their minority rights.

Serbia requires patience over Europe

Despite Ireland’s affirmation of the Lisbon Treaty, Serbia should refrain from applying for candidacy until the interim trade agreement is unblocked.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – ethnic disarmament

With Bosnia’s leaders unimpressed by the EU’s remote carrots, a New Deal is required; one that offers fast-track EU membership in return for a new constitution.