In order to achieve our aims and objectives in the coming years, TransConflict is seeking to secure various forms of support from a variety of different sources.

To donate to TransConflict, please click here.

TransConflict’s motivation is to operate as a complementary element to all our partners, thereby demonstrating the mutual benefits of strategic partnerships and an inter-connected approach to business, government and society; a principle that guides the design, development and implementation of many of our projects.

As is increasingly the case throughout the Western Balkans, both multi-national and domestic corporations, realising the benefits to both consumers and employees alike, have incorporated the principles of corporate social responsibility into their day-to-day business practices. Through a variety of means, they are providing invaluable contributions to civil society organizations throughout the region.

Potential contributions to TransConflict can be channelled in a variety of ways; for instance, through technical support, such as legal or professional advice, or through networking and joint promotion opportunities.

In order to donate human or technical resources to TransConflict, or to enquire about strategic partnering opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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