Euro-Atlantic Integration

Bezbednosna orijentacija Srbije

U petak, 27. maja, u organizaciji fonda TransConflict Serbia, održan je Okrugli sto povodom objavljivanja Zbornika tekstova pod nazivom „Nova Srbija, novi NATO – vizija budućnosti za 21. vek“. Tom prilikom je okupljen značajan broj istaknutih gostiju, predstavnika akademske zajednice, nevladinog sektora i istraživačkih institucija.

New Serbia, new NATO

TransConflict Serbia, in conjunction with the Forum for Ethnic Relations and Klub 21, organized a conference, entitled ‘New Serbia, new NATO – Future Vision for the 21st Century’, on 3rd and 4th December, 2010.

NATO consensual decision-making

In an organization that is founded on consultation, consensus, negotiation and compromise, in which any member country or group of countries can effectively block action by the organization as a whole, any attempt by any country to make others act against their will are likely to fail.

National perspectives on NATO's new Strategic Concept

On the day that the group of experts charged with leading the development of NATO's new Strategic Concept presented their analysis and recommendations, TransConflict Serbia organized a conference in Belgrade, entitled 'National perspectives on NATO's new Strategic Concept'.

No "reduced need for NATO"

In an interview with TransConflict Serbia, the Czech Republic's Ambassador to NATO, H.E. Mr. Martin Povejšil, responded to a series of questions regarding the development of NATO's future and the development of a new Strategic Concept.

A new Strategic Concept

The growing opposition to military interventions amongst a majority of member states means that NATO's new Strategic Concept must consider how the Alliance can and will pursue a stronger political and co-ordinating role.

NATO’s new Strategic Concept discussed in Serbia

On 30th March, TransConflict Serbia organized an initial public discussion about NATO's new Strategic Concept in Belgrade. Supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, this initiative has been designed to promote active debate about, and involvement in, the development of a new Strategic Concept amongst specific key target groups from throughout Serbia.

Indexing peace

Whilst the Global Peace Index for 2009 shows that the world has become slightly less peaceful in the past year, each respective country of the Western Balkans has enjoyed a marked improvement compared to 2008.
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