The Cemetery of France

TransConflict is pleased to present a second CRIC Project (Conflict and Identity) film, entitled ‘The Cemetery of France’, which examines new debates on the heritage...
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Budapest backwards

TransConflict is pleased to present a short-film - entitled 'Budapest backwards', by Jeroen Sebrechts - winner of the prize for 'Best Film' at the third Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival, which recently took place in Tirana, Albania.

Northern Ireland – Living in the Half Light

TransConflict is pleased to present a short film, entitled ‘Living in the Half Light’ , which explores the challenges of dual identity experienced by children and youth in Northern Ireland whose origins are from a different culture.

The Window in the Wall

‘The Window in the Wall’ is a planned feature-length documentary filmabout the extraordinary stories of ordinary people, and their efforts to create windows in the physical and internal walls that divide them in Northern Ireland.

Mostar – a constant reminder

TransConflict is pleased to present a series of photographs exploring the constant reminders of Mostar's tragic past, its present difficulties and the challenges that lie ahead in the still divided town.

Draw Down the Walls

'Draw Down the Walls' is a cross-community project which uses art to engage people in interface communities to imagine what Belfast could be like without barriers, whether they are physical or not.

Reflections on the siege of Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina's ethno-nationalist politicians are the product of ethno-nationalist self-partition on the part of three groups of people, all of whom have been scarred by their wartime experiences.

Regaining the face

"Regaining the face" is an experimental documentary by Pance Prendzov which explores the rebuilding of Macedonia's capital, Skopje, 80% of which was destroyed by the July 1963 earthquake.

Belgrade – looking forward and backwards

As Serbia takes another important step on the road towards the EU, TransConflict is pleased to present a series of photos capturing contemporary life in Belgrade; a city still scarred by the legacies of the nineties, particularly the NATO bombing campaign.

Sarajevo – beyond the siege

Over twenty years on from the onset of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ted Lieverman explores the progress of Sarajevo's recovery - or not - from the almost four-year long siege.


Lucas Oldwine's short film, 'Syntagma', explores the protests that gripped Athens in the summer of 2011; a vociferous and cohesive response against social injustices exposed and created by the economic crisis.
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