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Croatia, Serbia and the crime of genocide

Serbia and Croatia should move to drop their respective claims for genocide and instead work together to solve their remaining problems, for the sake of both good neighbourly relations and the wider region.

Kosovo – okay, really, what next?

Kosovo – okay, really, what next?

With 2009 having ended much as it began, the international community must continue to pursue a peacekeeping approach to the north in order to keep alive the possibility of a negotiated outcome.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – time for constitutional reform

The European Court of Human Rights’ ruling on the discriminatory nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s constitution should provide fresh impetuses to stalled reform talks.

Three good ways to end 2009 in the Western Balkans

Three key decisions at the end of 2009 – visa liberalization, Serbia’s application for EU membership and the European Court of Human Rights’ ruling on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s constitution – provide significant momentum for the Western Balkans in 2010.