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The EU should offer more than just a box of chocolates

Speeding-up the integration of the Western Balkans into the EU will require the creation of new momentum through greater financial investment and the deployment of individuals with significant political and diplomatic clout.

No selective neutrality

Calls for a referendum in Serbia on NATO membership are motivated not by a desire for an open and transparent debate on the issue of collective security, but by narrow political interests.

Montenegro – in between Serbia and Kosovo

Montenegro must tread carefully in order to resolve its outstanding issues with Serbia and Kosovo, with the latter required to fulfill three key conditions – border demarcation, the sustainable return of displaced persons and recognition of the ethnic Montenegrin community – before full diplomatic relations will be established.

Dayton Bosnia may be over – but what next?

Rather than advocating one solution to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s ongoing crisis, the EU should offer a range, or menu, of reform options – all leading to EU membership.