June 2010

Is Belgium an Eastern European country?

In the face of renewed nationalism, Belgium - which has often been proposed as a model for other divided societies, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina - must contend with a constitutional crisis that has brought into question the very future of the state.

Thinking beyond the crisis? Greece and the Balkans

Recent developments – particularly a proposal to recognize Macedonia as the ‘Republic of Vardar Macedonia’ - have demonstrated that, contrary to the fears of some, the debt crisis will not impede Greece’s capacity for resolving regional disputes.

NATO consensual decision-making

In an organization that is founded on consultation, consensus, negotiation and compromise, in which any member country or group of countries can effectively block action by the organization as a whole, any attempt by any country to make others act against their will are likely to fail.

Serbia and South Stream

A number of key factors - including Gazprom's financial situation, falling gas production and Ukraine's changed politics - bring into question Russia's capacity to deliver the energy security benefits promised by its deal with Serbia.

The disaster of Sarajevo?

The Sarajevo summit once again re-affirmed the impression that the EU is attempting to solve the region's problems on an ad hoc basis, without a clear commitment and without offering anything that hasn't already been on the agenda since 2000.
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