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Kosovo – moderation in Mitrovica

The result of local elections in Northern Mitrovica suggests a shift towards more moderate voices that may help facilitate constructive dialogue between Kosovo Serbs and Pristina.

Is Belgium an Eastern European country?

In the face of renewed nationalism, Belgium – which has often been proposed as a model for other divided societies, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina – must contend with a constitutional crisis that has brought into question the very future of the state.

Serbia in the light of present and future security challenges

TransConflict Serbia organized a panel discussion, entitled ‘Serbia in the light of present and future security challenges’, involving representatives from across the Serbian political spectrum.

Thinking beyond the crisis? Greece and the Balkans

Recent developments – particularly a proposal to recognize Macedonia as the ‘Republic of Vardar Macedonia’ – have demonstrated that, contrary to the fears of some, the debt crisis will not impede Greece’s capacity for resolving regional disputes.

NATO consensual decision-making

In an organization that is founded on consultation, consensus, negotiation and compromise, in which any member country or group of countries can effectively block action by the organization as a whole, any attempt by any country to make others act against their will are likely to fail.

Serbia and South Stream

A number of key factors – including Gazprom’s financial situation, falling gas production and Ukraine’s changed politics – bring into question Russia’s capacity to deliver the energy security benefits promised by its deal with Serbia.

The disaster of Sarajevo?

The Sarajevo summit once again re-affirmed the impression that the EU is attempting to solve the region’s problems on an ad hoc basis, without a clear commitment and without offering anything that hasn’t already been on the agenda since 2000.

Local elections may herald a period of flux in Montenegro

While Djukanovic’s ruling party has claimed victory, the opposition seems likely to be galvanised by their relatively strong showing in the capital and elsewhere.