Economic and Social Rights

A focus on economic development alone is insufficient to contend with the economic factors underpinning conflict in areas of multi-ethnic diversity, for it is also necessary to consider and analyse how economic resources are distributed within such environments. Discriminatory employment practices in both the public or private sector favouring one ethnic group at the expense of another, for instance, provide a source of deep-seated antagonism within and between local communities, particularly where job opportunities are scarce or where the state or local government is a major local employer. To counter this widespread tendency, TransConflict work to raise awareness about, and ensure protection of, the economic and social rights of employees throughout the Western Balkans.

Another important component of TransConflict’s work is an emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), whereby private sector firms are encouraged to play a positive role in their respective local communities by integrating social and environmental imperatives into their day-to-day business activities. Through, for instance, financial or technical assistance, private sector firms have the means and capacity to foster community redevelopment and rejuvenation, whilst creating and reinforcing collaboration between all stakeholders by overcoming the impediments to constructive dialogue.

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