Collective Security

In order to stimulate broader debate on the Western Balkan’s current and future relations with Euro-Atlantic structures, TransConflict works to improve understanding about the notion of collective security and its implications for key areas of domestic policy, such as defence and security sector reform.

Current Projects:

  • Strengthening the policy-making capacity of Serbian political parties from across the political spectrum in spheres of security and defence

TransConflict’s overriding aim is to provide an innovative platform that will better equip all participants to form their own opinions about the costs and benefits of closer relations with Euro-Atlantic structures. TransConflict’s comprehensive programme is also conceptualised so as to serve as a platform for the development of future leaders and security experts, who will increasingly be involved in discussions about the Western Balkan’s future within a Euro-Atlantic collective security environment.

It is imperative for both the Western Balkans and Euro-Atlantic structures that a generation of capable, articulate and knowledgeable individuals exists that can contribute to the discussion and development of constructive solutions in an ever evolving global security environment. The long-term objective of TransConflict’s programme therefore revolves around building both the skills and knowledge of all participants. To achieve this, each activity will contain a strong capacity-building component, designed to strengthen the negotiation, lobbying and communications skills of all participants.

Collective Security | TransConflict Serbia

Past Projects:

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