How does NATO need to change?

Here you will find a selection of videos exploring a variety of topics related to the development of NATO’s new Strategic Concept

The one issue the Strategic Concept must deal with is…

For some, the most important changes the Strategic Concept must bring are in what NATO does. For others, it will be how NATO does it – especially in terms of the organisation’s workings.

NATO’s New Strategic Concept: A battle of minds?

How will the timing of this new Strategic Concept affect the outcome? Will it be able to deal with threats for decades to come? How will it change the way international organizations work together? And what will its changes mean for the men and women in uniform?

NATO’s new Strategic Concept: new age, new threats, new responses

NATO’s New Strategic Concept: what does it mean for the military?

NATO’s new Strategic Concept: public understanding – simplicity is genius

The new Strategic Concept is not just about changing NATO — it’s also about changing how NATO is seen. This will require better communication. Here, we set out some of the challenges and what is being done to address them.

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