New Serbia, new NATO

TransConflict Serbia is pleased to announce the launch of a new publication, entitled “New Serbia, new NATO – future vision for the 21st Century”.

To download a copy of the publication, ‘New Serbia, new NATO – future vision for the 21st Century’, please click here.



The publication is comprised of papers deriving from a conference of the same name, which took place in December 2010 in Belgrade, and includes contributions from Mr. Larry Rossin (deputy assistant secretary general for operations at NATO), H.E. Hana Hubačkova (ambassador of the Czech Republic to Serbia), Mr. Julian Harston (the former representative of the UN secretary-general in Belgrade, Serbia), Professor Predrag Simić (the former Serbian Ambassador to France), and many other authors from Serbia and the region.

The various papers analyze a variety of pertinent questions surrounding NATO’s new Strategic Concept, which was adopted at the Lisbon Summit in November 2010, the evolution of a European Security and Defence Policy, regional perspectives on NATO and Serbia’s own future security orientation, including relations with Russia and the concept of military neutrality in the contemporary age.

TransConflict Serbia’s executive director, Mirjana Kosic, emphasizes that, “six months on from the conference, many things have occurred on the global scene which have already tested some of the Concept’s provisions and the Alliance’s responsiveness to new crises and sources of security threats. This publication is therefore a timely contribution to the simultaneous debate about NATO’s capacity to contend with emerging security challenges, and the nature and extent of Serbia’s own relations with the Alliance. We hope that this publication will be received with great interest, not only by civil society, think-tanks, academia and the general public in Serbia, but also by readers throughout the entire region and further afield”.

The publication, “New Serbia, new NATO – future vision for the 21st Century”, was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Fund for Open Society.

This publication is published as part of TransConflict Serbia’s project, ‘Facilitating Serbia’s Contribution to NATO’s New Strategic Concept’.

The Fund for an Open Society

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